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Boudoir Photography Inspiration: Stunning Visual Of 1950s Burlesque Photography

By Michelle Bird on November 18th 2014


Burlesque dancer, Lonnie Young

Extravagant costumes at the bare minimum, comedy, dance, and theater, all take the stage with the live entertainment art-form of Burlesque. A genre of performance with an evolving practice that has challenged the norm: from gender politics, to sexuality, including the public’s overall perception of the naked body.

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The historic roots of Burlesque in America date back to the 1840s, and while a lot has changed since then, the version we know today became popular in the early 1900s– when performing at clubs and Broadway venues was the hot ticket. The era of Prohibition took a bit of a toll on the Burlesque industry, but by the 1950s, women like Sally Rand, Gypsy Rose Lee, Tempest Storm, Lili St. Cyr, and Blaze Starr, brought it back to life in full force.

In society today, where photography is constantly exploiting the naked body and Photoshop reigns as a number one tool of the trade for many photographers, we can still find much inspiration for Boudoir and pin-up photography by tapping into the past and bringing back the nostalgic elegance and art form of a woman’s body.


Burlesque dancer, Mary Mack



Burlesque Dancer, Gloria Knight





Have you photographed Boudoir or pin-up style photography?


[via] Huffington Post

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