Photo: Michelle Bird

It happens to all of us, at times, the river of creativity may run dry, or perhaps you’re looking for a new approach with your photography, taking it to new heights. Whatever the reason may be, you always have to fuel and recharge the main source, that current of creativity that flows within. That is what is going to set your photography apart from everybody else, it is the root that defines your unique style. Here are a few personal tips that I like to practice in order to avoid that drought if at all possible.

1. Hit The Road, Jack

Fuel your car, grab your camera, leave all social media behind and hit the road. Choose a destination and don’t look back. Explore somewhere new, get away, clear your head and disconnect, silence and isolation are actually good for you. The best ideas come when you listen to the sound of silence, silence does speak its own language to those who listen.

2. Surround Yourself With The Creative

You are who you surround yourself with, it’s the truth plain and simple. Bring the energy of creative people around you, contribute back, collaborate together, exchange ideas. Where do you find these creatives? Go to art walks, industry events, open mics, coffee shops, Instameets (if you haven’t been to one, you need to experience it first-hand, you’ll meet extremely genuine and passionate people there– check your local Instagram communities to see if they’re hosting one in your area).

3. Make An Inspiration Board

As photographers, we are already visual people, so why not expand that a bit further? Whether it’s a bulletin board or on Pinterest, gather images that inspire you, sort through magazines, old books, study them and have them visually present. You might discover a new perspective, a theme, the smallest detail just might give you that “a-ha!” moment you’ve been waiting for. Maybe even start gathering images for your next photoshoot, a vision of a vision, with colors, props, scenery you want to incorporate.

4. Stop Thinking, Start Doing

Maybe you compare your work to others. Sometimes fear and doubt can sink in and take the best out of you, let that go and concentrate on the project at hand. Be in the moment, stop second-guessing yourself, trust your craft, trust your talent, trust that every day you’re doing something to get closer to your goal. Once you let go of that fear, and have trust instead, you’ll be more attune with your creative force.

5. Read. Write. Create

Inspiration has to find you working, it’s not just going to magically appear. Read more books about photography, eBooks, blogs, listen to podcasts while you’re at it. Write what you see, what you read about, observe people’s emotions and write about that, wake up in the morning and just start writing even if it doesn’t make sense at the moment, that in itself gets your mind working. Set a goal and create something every week, maybe it’s a new set-up for your camera, a photobooth, try out a new lighting technique, create something– that something will trigger something else, and create a domino effect.

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Those are a few of my tips, what are yours? What do you do to fuel your creativity? Share it in the comments below!