More and more these days, I hear people complain about camera bags looking too much like camera bags. The thinking is that if you have a bag that looks like it is full of expensive camera equipment, you will become a more likely target for a thief.

While I am not so sure I agree with a low-key design being any sort of thief deterrent (I mean what sort of thief turns down any bag full of stuff?), perception is reality, so camera bag makers are rising to the challenge to create camera bags that don’t look like camera bags.


One such bag is the new Python Catch from Booq. It is designed to look like your average messenger bag, but inside, it can hold up to 2 DSLRs, 4 lenses, and a 15″ MacBook Pro Retina. You also get all the various pockets and zipped compartments to hold random accessories and receipts that you would expect from a messenger styled bag.

The Python Catch comes with a nice reflective rain cover, giving you some added visibility when the light starts to get low. The bag is also luggage trolley compatible, making carrying these around an airport super easy.

Overall, this looks like another great addition to the low-key bag market and is sure to meet the needs of photographers looking to carry all their gear without drawing too much attention to themselves. The Python Catch is now available over on the Booq website for $295.