Usually you spend your time trying to find that right balance between focus and bokeh. In this really cool video from Vimeo user Stanislas Giroux the whole point is the bokeh. The video was shot with a Canon 550D, a Nifty 50 (50mm F1.8), and some gunpowder (aka fireworks).

The music goes well with the video, which offers a unique view of fireworks, and gives you the impression that you are discovering something new. It is a beautiful and inspiring way to shoot a celebration, and although firework season is over here in the states; this offers great inspiration for next year’s festivities.

暈け Bohehxplosions from Stanislas Giroux on Vimeo.

It just goes to show that amazing video can come from any equipment setup. Its all about what you do with what you have that makes the difference. So open your mind and let the creative juices flow, maybe you will stumble upon an uniquely creative idea. If you don’t try new things you will never learn, so get out there and keep practicing.

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