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Body Elements Revealed in Nikon’s Latest ‘Pure Photography’ Teaser

By Anthony Thurston on October 31st 2013


I know that you all are just about as tired of these teaser videos from Nikon as I am, just release the darned thing already! That said, the latest video – which was released just a short while ago – does reveal some pretty interesting things about the camera as well as gives us the best look at it yet.  Take a look below:

What I picked from this teaser

It looks to me like the body has a physical ISO dial – or maybe its shutter speed – (and at least one other but no way to know what they are), how freaking cool is that? I really hope they are exaggerating the clicking noise for the video because that could get really annoying if you have to keep changing your ISO.  The rest of the body seems pretty standard from what I could see, looks like an updated retro style body with a physical ISO/Shutter dial.

nikon-pure-photography-teaser5-1 nikon-pure-photography-teaser5-3 nikon-pure-photography-teaser5-4

Something that does interest me is that 50mm F/1.8G lens that is on the body, it is obviously NOT the current Nikon 50mm f/1.8 model. So what is different about it? I can’t even describe how ridiculous of Nikon it would be to just release the current 50 1.8 re-skinned to match the new body. Even though I think its ridiculous, I wouldn’t put it past Nikon to just re-skin the current model (Nikon has release special commemorative bodies/lenses in the past after all). But I hope there is something new or updated in the new lens, maybe they added VR or nano coating?

[rewind: check out this crazy stop motion pumpkin video]

Regardless, we are now 5 days away from the official announcement of this camera and lens. I’m curious to see how much more they reveal in any subsequent teasers. That said, next Tuesday can not come soon enough, enough with the suspense, lets get this camera announced so we can stop guessing and talk about the actual facts.

What Will Be New About This 50mm F/1.8G Lens?

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What are your thoughts on these new developments? Do you like the dedicated ISO dial? What do you think will be different about this new 50mm F/1.8G lens? Share your thoughts in a comment below. 

[via Nikon USA on Youtube]

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Sachin

    I had moved to Canon because of … available of free lenses from friends. Before that I was a Nikon manual focus (F3, FM3A, FE) and Medium Format shooter.
    I am hoping for the following:
    1. A small body to make it inconspicious for street usage.
    2. F-mount (So I can use my old glass)
    3. FX sensor (OK.. Now I am just dreaming;)
    4. 100% viewfinder coverage
    5. >98% magnification
    6. Support all AI/AI-S lenses so I can change the aperture on the lens. This was the main reason why I had bought into the Nikons in the past.. their support of old glass through ingenious design.

    If it meets all these criteria I am going to save and get one of these. My Canon 7D is too big for street, where my I like shooting most of my pictures.


    | |
    • Sachin

      A user replaceable focusing glass would be amazing :) Just becaus I like manual focusing so much..

      | |
  2. David

    That is not an ISO dial, that is shutter speed. It looks very much like that from the F3 (plus 1/4000 sec) with AUTO, X, T and B (flash sync, Timed and Bulb – old school settings for those who know what they are). It looks like the other side has a physical exposure compensation dial (again like the F3).

    This looks like a blend of the F3 and FM2, with the pentaprism from the FM2 (so no replaceable pentaprism :( ) as it has the hotshoe on top. I’d suggest that iso and whatever modes it selects are on the left side. The shooting speed is under the shutter speed dial.

    | |
  3. Adam Isler

    A pure guess – they’re introducing a new mount (like Sony’s e-mount) to accommodate the smaller body. So it will be a totally differently designed 50mm f1.8.

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      I sure hope that is not the case, that would probably be a death sentence for this camera to be honest.

      | |
  4. James

    I’m guessing the new lens will have an aperture ring built in, similar to the current Fuji lenses.

    | |
    • Matthew Saville

      James, The new 50mm f/1.8 G defintely does not have its own physical aperture, which is defintely a bummer indeed. But then again, the older 50mm f/1.8 D isn’t half bad either, nor the 35 f/2 D, 50 1.4 D, 85 1.8 D, etc…

      | |
  5. Jason

    I was really hoping that this would only use older non-g lenses and force people to actually spin an aperture dial and crank over to the next frame. THAT would be an awesome throw back camera. Plus you can get the lenses EVERYWHERE. g lenses would be ok too i guess, but keep it simple, dont just dump a d600 in a retro styled body.

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    • Niko

      My only issue with that would be that this camera is not going to be cheap. Because it won’t be cheap, it needs to be useful. Having any lens restrictions or mandatory retro features would make it much less useful.

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