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Blue Planet II | Attenborough, Hans Zimmer, & Radiohead Will Make Nature Photographers & 7 Years Olds Of Us All

By Kishore Sawh on September 30th 2017

There are few cinematic and televisual films that evoke a sense of wonder, worldwide, as the nature documentaries from the BBC, and Blue Planet II looks like it’s going to revert us all to state of childhood wonder.

There’s no getting away from the fact that Planet Earth set the stage, but Blue Planet even more so makes you feel like a visitor to your own 3rd rock from the sun. Where Planet Earth primarily ‘lives’ within the realm we inhabit on land, Blue Planet is like another world that we still know so little of but are dying to learn more. Where it goes and what it records is alien to almost all of us, and what is familiar it makes all the more intimate.

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Of course there’s an overall feel of warmth and familiarity delivered by Sir David Attenborough’s soothing narration, with a voice that will return you to your childhood, but the rest seems new. The perspectives are fresh, enabled by new cameras and technology and a new generation of eyes, and the produce will be delivered in glorious 4K. If you hadn’t crossed the gauntlet for a 4K TV, we wouldn’t begrudge you doing so now.

In a world being tipped by climate change, Blue Planet will act as a reminder of what’s at stake. Attenborough has the singular capacity to deliver the beauty and horror of the state of the planet in a way that’s altogether endearing, uplifting, gut wrenching, and motivating. Add to that a score by Radiohead and Hans Zimmer and you’ve got something truly majestic. And, of course, what the photographers and cinematographers have done is sure to inspire you to get outside and make something beautiful.

Check out the prequel below, and more about Blue Planet II here.


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    ugghhhhh…I must accelerate the convincing of the wife to get this 4k. I cannot wait to see this.

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