DaVinci Resolve is one of the premiere color manipulation programs on the market. BlackMagic Design, the company behind DaVinci Resolve and the Cinema Camera, have been working hard on their DaVinci Resolve version 10 upgrade. Today via email they announced, among other things, that starting today a public beta for DaVinci Resolve 10 is now available.


According to BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve 10 is a major upgrade over the previous version of the software that includes new features for integrating workflows of multiple different software products used in the film and television industries. Other notable features added in DaVinci Resolve 10 include upgraded on set tools, upgraded editing features, support for OpenFX plug-ins, Ultra HD resolutions and more GPU support for DaVinci Resolve 10 lite edition.

Overall the upgrades here look to be pretty impressive over the previous version of DaVinci Resolve. Another really cool things that BlackMagic is doing is that they are releasing this as a free upgrade, so if you already own DaVinci Resolve you will get the version 10 upgrade for free. This counts towards both the paid and lite versions of the software.

If you are interested in learning more about DaVinci Resolve 10 and the updates that have been made to the software, or so you can download the public beta you can do so over on the BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve 10 product page.