I’m usually not a huge Black Friday shopper.  I go online and buy a few new external hard drives for the upcoming year, as kind of a tradition, but other than that I leave the 5-AM line-waiting to the “pros”… (AKA crazy people)

This year, though, I might just get out my credit card for a few things.  I know that some photographers will have a heart attack at the thought of buying used gear, but personally I have been doing so for years and have never had a bad experience.  Especially if you shop with reputable dealers such as B&H, KEH.com, and the awesome folks at LensRentals.com.  Check out LensRentals’ incredible deals that are coming up by clicking HERE!



We will continue to post if we see any other deals come up throughout the week, so keep your eyes peeled and keep your mouse / trackpad fingers nice and limber for clicking “buy” later this week!
Keep on clicking,
=Matthew Saville=

PS:  Please be safe out there, if you plan to go in-store shopping!  No bargain is worth a stampede or fist fight…  ;-)