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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017

$100 Off SLR Lounge Premium

Take control of your photography career with the best education for wedding and portrait photography.

Our interactive program starts with the best video tutorials by award-winning photographer and educator, Pye Jirsa of Lin and Jirsa Photography. Using real-world examples from actual shoots, Pye teaches you everything you need to know about posing your subjects, lighting with on and off camera flash, creating stand-out imagery with advanced techniques, post producing your images for professional results and much more.

In addition, our system incorporates quizzes and assignments to reinforce your learning, constructive critique to help you receive quality feedback, and an awards platform to recognize your achievements.

Individually purchased, all of this education is over $1,500, but with Premium, you can access it all for $348. Additionally, the Black Friday sale gives you $100 off your annual subscription, so you only pay $248.  

Here is how you can take advantage:

Step 1: Visit the Premium Page
Step 2: Select the “Annual Plan”
Step 3: Enter code BLACKFRIDAY2017

Note: Valid until 12/01/2017 or after the first 500 redemptions.

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Note: Existing Annual Premium Members – You can use this code for your next billing cycle! Please contact help@slrlounge.com so we can apply the code to your account.

30% Off All Workshops

If you would rather download and own our education, instead of stream it through Premium, our Black Friday sale also offers 30% off all of our store products.

Step 1: Visit Our Store
Step 2: Add Your Selected Workshops to Your Cart
Step 3: Enter Code BLACKFRIDAY2017

Note: Valid until 12/01/2017 or after the first 500 redemptions

Additional Discounts | 45% Off Select Specialty Workshops

For select specialty workshops, we are offering 45% off.  These include the following titles:

Enter the code: BLACKFRIDAY45 at checkout to receive your discount off these select workshops.

SLR Lounge Premium testimonials

“SLR Lounge Premium membership totally changed my life by improving my business 10 fold!”

Rashad Mosley of Vision & Style Photography

“Having SLR Lounge Premium in my back pocket is invaluable.”

Michael Waller of Michael Waller Photography

“Their tutorials were the most comprehensive, the most entertaining, incredibly well produced and by far the best bang of the buck!…The little time I do have available to improve my skills is spent watching SLR Lounge Content.”

Trevor Dayley of Trevor Dayley Photography

“From posing to lighting to SEO and post-production, SLR Lounge has helped turn our hobby business into a full-time studio. If you’re on the fence about it, get off the fence and go invest in your future with SLR Lounge Premium. You won’t regret it.”

Bryan Schneider of Schneider Family Photography