Overview & Mixology Recipe

For those of you that have already purchased and are enjoying the SLR Lounge Vintage Action Pack, we will be constantly releasing new Mixologies for you all to enjoy! Each new Mixology Action takes only 30 seconds and a few clicks to create and gives you a completely new look and action that you can add to your Photoshop Action Repertoire.

This week are displaying the “Black and White Springtime Fade” Mixology. It gives you a warm and faded monochromatic look. It has an old-school feel to it and changes the look of your photos. Check it out!

Black and White Springtime Fade — From the top layer to bottom
Springtime Fade 100%
Warmer 50%
Brighten 100%
Warm Cross + Neutral Punch 100%
Reverse Saturation 100%
Warm Cross Punch 80%
B&W + Bright Wash 65%
B&W + Bright Wash 100%
Desaturate 100%

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Mixology Video Tutorial

For those of you that would like to watch the video tutorial on how we create this Mixology as well as turn it into a new Photoshop Action, click the video below:

Black and White Springtime Fade Sample Images