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Move Over Drones, Here’s a Real Bird’s Eye View of London…Shot By A White-Tailed Eagle

By Hanssie on November 22nd 2014

2014 could be dubbed the year of the quadcopter. Everyone seemed to pick up one of these toys and flew them where no man has flown them before. Aerial photography has given us bird’s eye views through fireworks, into volcanos, ice caves and even at weddings.

But the following video gives us a real bird’s eye view of London…from an actual bird. A White-Tailed Eagle, to be exact. To commemorate the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)’s 50th anniversary of its Red List, which highlights the most endangered species in an effort to raise awareness, an action cam was strapped onto the back of a trained Eagle and sent soaring over historic London.


The White-Tailed Eagle was saved from the brink of extinction just a few years ago thanks to efforts of people like falconer Jacques Olivier Travers who trained this particular eagle. Travers dream is to reintroduce these majestic birds back into the wild.


Working together for project FREEDOM, IUCN and Travers created a series of videos with the help of Sony, who donated the HDR-AZ1 Action Cam Mini used on the Eagle’s back. Researchers hope that the footage from the cameras will help them understand how they can better prepare the birds to be released back into the wild.

In the latest video, the Eagle was released from St. Paul’s Cathedral and flies over the city in some breathtaking footage. In previous videos, the bird was released toward the famed Tower Bridge and off the Eiffel Tower in another. As part of a larger art installation at London’s Old Sorting House called, Here Today, the exhibition will showcase art that is focused on endangered species from several artists.


Watch the Eagle’s Flight From St. Paul’s Cathedral

Watch the Behind the Scenes Footage of the Eagle’s Flight From the Eiffel Tower

To see more videos from an Eagle’s point of view, check out the FREEDOM YouTube page.

[Via Daily Mail]

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Hanssie is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes portrait and wedding photographer. In her free time, she homeschools, works out, rescues dogs and works in marketing for SLR Lounge. She also blogs about her adventures and about fitness when she’s not sick of writing so much. Check out her work and her blog at Follow her on Instagram

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  1. Fernando Lachica

    Modern tech cam can bring wonders to photography; bird’s eye view indeed!

    | |
  2. Ian Moss

    Incredible birds. I’ve watched them many time in the Western Isles, but would love to see the more widespread in the UK. It’s working with the Red Kites, which have been a great success, so now would be great to see the reintroduction of both native types of eagles.

    | |
  3. Brandon Dewey

    that’s a real birds eye view.

    | |