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Billions of Dollars in Stolen Art, Finally Recovered

By Lauren Kermelis on November 18th 2013

We see it in T.V. shows and movies, highly-prized works of art being stolen and gone without a trace. During World War II, billions of dollars of modern art was stolen by the Nazis, whose thirst for hunger and control led to the hatred of modern art. The Nazis coined it as degenerate art and worked hard to stifle any form of it within their society. Masterpieces by many famous artists, from Matissi and Picasso, are just a few amongst the hundreds to be recovered from German collector Cornelius Gurlitt.

[REWIND:”15th Century Flemish Style Portraits in an Airplane Lavatory“]

Poster from Degenerate Art Exhibit. Image courtesy of The Smithsonian.

Stolen Paintings by Otto Dix. Image courtesy of The Telegraph.

Painting by Wilhelm Lachnit ‘Man and Woman in the Window.” courtesy of USA TODAY.

Despite what many people thought, the art was not destroyed, it was hiding, and a force of six experts are currently in the works of restoring the art back to its rightful owners.

Work by Christof Stache.Image courtesy of The New York Times.

Franz Marc’s Horses in a Landscape.Image courtesy of The Smithsonian.


It’s always great news when such beautiful works of art can be recovered and restored. I also find it interesting that this news breaks near the announcement of the new movie “The Monuments Men” starring Matt Damon and George Clooney. It’s a film documenting soldiers in Europe who attempt to save the art that is being stolen by the Nazis…the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

[via “The Smithsonian Blog“}

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Lauren Kermelis is a freelance photographer wedding, portrait, and event photographer based out of Southern California.

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  1. Michael Rapp

    Nice article, but a few notes on the technical side:
    The news is kind of olds, since it came out more than a week ago.
    On the landing page the title reads “… stolen from the Hitler”. Bad as he was, I’m sure he does not deserve the “the”.
    Check the highcommas in the article. If it means plural, the stuff can live without the highcomma; if it indicates posession, you should put one there. Like Joe’s wallet, and apple trees.
    Since it was the Nazis who committed horrendous crimes, we should not award them the collective highcomma as well.
    *scoolteacher mode OFF#
    Sorry, but some spelling errors just rrrreally rub me the wrong way. Kind of like a portrait with the eyes just out of focus – Neither should be published without editing.

    | |