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Today’s post is from Julian Hills of Hools Photography.  Julian is a self-taught English photographer living in Belgium. Much of his work is focused on “ordinary people” which includes various charities and street photography. He also covers concert & theatre performances, landscapes (mainly when on holiday), studio, weddings and family shoots.

The following image, “Bikers For Children Calendar 2015 – June” was part of a photo shoot to benefit special needs children and this photo is from a series of photographs that were created into a calendar. 

Exif : 1/80 sec at f/7.1, ISO 400


Bikers for Children is a Belgium-based association. It’s purpose is to help sick, handicapped or simply children punished by life. Their motto is “A Biker for a Smile.” I had taken a few photos at one of their events, and after this, they honored me by asking if I would like to contribute by taking care of the photo shoot to be done for the publication of a calendar that would be sold to raise funds.

An amazing location was found: an abandoned harbour station in the middle of Brussels.
We had massive participation! Around 50 bikers turned up, about 10 kids (mainly with Down Syndrome), their parents and a local TV station who was following one of the children – and oh yes, about 50 bikes.

How I Shot It

There was interesting daylight coming inside the warehouse and I enhanced it with speedlights and sometimes smoke. We used a few different angles & setups; the kids were having a great time and were all very attentive. I had visited the location a few days before and felt comfortable with improvising on shooting day.

I was using an aperture between f/6.3 and F/11 to have enough in focus, while quite slow speed (1/80- 1/125) and enough ISO to keep good ambient light.


Post Process

A lot of post processing was done on all photos. Some settings in Lightroom (color balance, exposure), and intensive processing using MacPhun’s great recent plugins Intensify Pro and Tonality Pro. I often use Nik Software but with these images, I mainly wanted to pull out the details of the location and the bikes; Intensify Pro gave the best results.


Gear List

  • Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
  • Lens: Canon EF24-70mm II f2.8
  • Lighting: Speedights (Canon and Yongnuo), Yongnuo wireless trigger/receivers, low cost softboxes, beauty dish, reflectors.
  • A simple DJ smoke machine


It was an amazing experience. I’m always struck by the emotions I have in the company of “handicapped” people. The purity, honesty and genuine simple love emanating from them are a gift. To blend these amazing, but nevertheless vulnerable kids with bikes & bikers was fascinating and very moving indeed.

The sale of the calendar has been great – and it’s still available (contact me for more info).

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