Welcome to our Deal Dash segment, where we scour the web for the best deals on camera, lenses, lighting, and other gear for photographers. There are always great deals to be found over on B&H and Amazon as well, so make sure to check out those two websites. Today, we wanted to highlight 3 deals below:

Panasonic PT-LB360 Projector – $400 Savings


Projectors are not something that most would think of right away when deciding on tools for photographers, but for studio shooters, this can be a great asset. One situation where a nice projector can useful is in the selling process.

You can use a projector to help illustrate just how big a print will be on the client’s wall, or to make your slideshow a more theatre like experience. Usually, the limiting factor for those thinking about purchasing a projector is the cost. But thanks to some crazy, today only, savings over at B&H, you can get this projector for $400 off!

Nikon D810 – $500 Savings



There is no denying that the Nikon D810 is one of the top cameras on the market right now, so when a significant savings is made available, we take note. Great for weddings, portraits, and just about everything in between, the D810 is a great all around DSLR.

If you have been looking to upgrade, and the D750 doesn’t quite strike your fancy, then the D810 is probably your next best option. It also happens to be on sale right now for $500 off! Talk about a killer deal. Grab one over on B&H here.

Sigma 105mm F/2.8 Macro – Save $200


I love playing around with macro photography; it is a fun way to enjoy using my camera without it having to do with work. Probably one of my favorite macro lenses on the market right now is Sigma’s 105mm macro, an optically excellent and very well priced macro lens.

This lens isn’t just for details or small insects, though; this lens also makes for an excellent portrait lens with its F/2.8 aperture and 105mm focal length. You can pick it up for a steal right now with a cool $200 savings over on B&H.

This is our daily deals report where we will feature a deal, or deals, that we think you should know about. Feel free to let us know about any deals you run across by sending me an email (link in my profile) or leaving a comment below!