B&H is one of the most reputable retailers in the photographic industry these days, and they recently added an brand to their catalog that may raise some eye brows. That brand is the ‘king of budget lighting’, Yongnuo.

yongnuo logo

Popular for their fairly reliable and budget friendly lighting and trigger solutions, Yongnuo has never really been ‘mainstream’ due to the difficulty at obtaining their products. You can usually find them on Amazon, but not always the model you want. If Amazon is a bust, then your only other real option here in the states is Ebay – which, let’s be honest, is not an ideal place to buy items with any confidence.

This addition to the B&H catalog brings Yongnuo into the mainstream, making it available from a reputable source with the confidence of B&H’s 30 day return policy. If you have ever wanted to try Yongnuo, but were wary of the sources, now you have a solid option here in the US.


Yongnuo Products Now Available at B&H

  1. YN560 II – Manual Speedlight – $54.99
  2. YN560 III – Radio Slave Speedlight – $71.00
  3. YN-560 IV – Radio Master Speedlight – $72.99
  4. YN-568  EXII РRadio Master TTL Speedlight Р$137.87
  5. YN-622 – TTL Triggers – $81.58
  6. RF-603 II – Radio Triggers (Manual Only, No TTL) – $31.50
  7. YN-622N-TX – Wireless Flash Controller – $45.99

What are your thoughts about this addition to the B&B catalog? Do you think you will be more open to buying or trying Yongnuo now? Leave a comment below and let us know!