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What Better Camera For Batman Than the Leica M Monochrome?

By Kishore Sawh on May 14th 2014

Man Of Steel was a grittier look of Superman than most were used to, but perhaps that was to be expected from the man who brought us 300, and Watchmen. Taking things a leap abound, director Zack Snyder is following up on his Superman flick with the film tentatively known as Batman vs. Superman.

Controversy has been with it from the start, more often than not, centered around the casting of Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader. Due to the success of the Christian Bale films and the adoption of the style, Affleck has huge shoes to fill, and the direction of the look of the film has been in question.


Well, Snyder just gave us the first glances. Two days ago, he teased with a rear view of the new Batmobile, and just a day after, a shot of Affleck himself, donning the Batsuit, beside a front facing Batmobile. Both images are dark, gritty, and a bit foreboding, and shot, befittingly, on Snyder’s Leica M Momochrome. That’s what he tagged on his tweet when he sent out the images, which suggests these are not official production images, and that this is Snyder’s walk-around camera.

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The M Monochrome is surely for the discerningor discerningly rich, coming in at $8k. But it’s gorgeous with its all matte black form, and uncompromising dedication to black and white. It actually records only true luminance values in order to deliver the true b&w shots. That allows, technically, for more contrast, sharpness, and according to Leica, a ‘finer resolution that that of medium format.’ They also tout its ability for sharp photos with fine grain up to 10,000 ISO. Given those qualifications, how it looks, and low light ability, I’m trying to think of a more appropriate camera for Bruce Wayne, and I’m coming up with nil… What say you?

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