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Best Dad Ever Photographs 3-Year-Old Daughter As The Incredible Wonder Woman

By Shivani Reddy on October 20th 2016

Creativity blossoms from a wild imagination, and Photographer Josh Rossi has no short stock of either.

When his three-year old daughter Nellee wished for her dream of embodying Wonder Woman to become a reality, he stepped up to the plate and used his “super-skills” to manufacture a Halloween costume fit for an Amazonian goddess, with an accompanied super-heroine photoshoot.

As a commercial photographer and digital artist, Josh specializes in creating “hyper real images, focusing on every detail to make each image come to life”. His past clients include Adobe, Acura, LG, and Wacom just to name a few. So when it came to fulfilling Nellee’s wishes, he spent “$1500 on a hand made leather costume and props for the ultimate Halloween costume and photo shoot”.

The concept shoot took an entire day with a team 7, all inspired by a mere teaser trailer of Wonder Woman since the feature film has yet to release. Nellee was the true embodiment of the super heroine, decked out in real leather and channeling her inner Amazonian warrior’s gestures, movements and expressions. They even studied the 1970’s sitcom to gain more knowledge to make it as realistic as possible!



He shot the series as composites to later stitch them together in Photoshop, and trust me, the end result is a mind-blowing masterpiece of mayhem & power.



The most troublesome of the bunch was this shot of Nellee soaring through the air, only capable due to 5-6 people hoisting her up to emulate flight. If this shot was made possible, the capabilities of skilled photographers & photoshoppers is endless in reinventing the idea of a Halloween costume.














See more of Josh’s work on his Website & Instagram.

Source: Fulltime Photographer

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