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Behind the Scenes with Miss Aniela—Surreal Fashion Photography

By Tanya Goodall Smith on March 19th 2013

I’ve always been intrigued by the Surrealist movement, which began in the 1920’s. It’s influence is seen throughout our modern culture, especially in film, literature, and art. Digital photography has allowed artists to create intriguing and memorable surreal photographs that resemble fine art.


I recently discovered the work of London based fine-art and commercial photographer, Miss Aniela. Her surreal fashion photos involve elaborate sets, beautiful fashions from another era and wild animals combined with dramatic lighting and interesting textures.


When I watched her promo reel I was surprised to see such sophisticated work being created by one so young. Check out more of her Surrealist Fashion images here.


What do you think of Miss Aniela’s imaginative Surrealist images? Images via

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Tanya Goodall Smith is the owner, brand strategist and commercial photographer at WorkStory Corporate Photography in Spokane, Washington. WorkStory creates visual communications that make your brand irresistible to your target market. Join the stock photo rebellion at

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  2. Tanya Smith

    I totally agree, Andre.

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  3. Andre Goulet

    I love her work. It was what inspired me to get back into photography. If a photo’s job is to move you, to make you think, to entertain you… she accomplishes that, in spades.

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