Background and Concept

You know we all love Benjamin Von Wong. He is creative, quirky, and is always trying new things and working outside of the box. Ben posted this video around a week ago, and while I am a little late in getting it posted, I thought it was a great shot and behind the scenes video to share with you all.

In this shoot, Ben basically came up with a great concept to create a unique, or as Ben would say, “epic” family portrait. What I love about the concept and shoot is that it features the clients in their own home doing things that I could see them normally doing. Dad reading the paper, mom doing housework, and kids… just… well… being kids.

So it is an image that I can see the family absolutely loving in that it is unique, creative and captures their personalities, lives and their home all in one single shot.

Watch the Behind the Scenes Video

How it Was Shot

To pull off this shoot, Ben shot this image as a composite as shown by the images below. Shooting a composite image is rather tricky as the camera needs to be stabilized and the overall scene and vision has to be executed in parts and then combined in post production.

To check out exactly how everything was done, check out Ben’s blog post by following the link below.


Final Image

Composite images are not easy to pull off, but the effect is quite awesome as you can see the final image below.


To check out more of Ben’s work, be sure to check out his website and blog.