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Behind The Scenes | Creating Iconic Images During The Great American Eclipse

By Holly Roa on August 28th 2017

Experiencing the Great American Eclipse in any capacity was a memorable, mystical occurrence, but without special glasses, or in the case of photography a sensor-saving filter, one couldn’t actually see the incredible phenomenon without severely endangering their retinas.

Those of us who reside outside the path of totality (or weren’t able to travel to it) missed out on the most incredible signs the eclipse had to offer, even with the requisite gear, but thankfully there are people who went to great lengths to bring that escapade to the rest of us.

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Perhaps the most widely shared and appreciated images to come of this eclipse were created by Ted Hesser and Andrew Studer. Columbia Sportswear has released a mini-documentary detailing all the planning and preparation involved in capturing such an amazingly epic scene while simultaneously taking the viewer along for the ride.


It goes to show how truly rewarding it can be to pull off a shoot that takes more effort than most photographers are willing to put forth, particularly if all that preparation is going toward taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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While there will be other eclipses, total solar eclipses are few and far between, and matching them to scenery worthy of such a rarity and finding cooperative weather all played a huge role in what makes these shots so special.

Check out the video below, and if you’d like to own a copy of one of the iconic shots, there are ‘fine art metal’ prints available on Ted Hesser’s website.

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