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Behind the 35 Cameras Used for Felix Baumgartner’s Record-Breaking Jump with Red Bull Stratos

By fotosiamo on October 16th 2012

By now, the majority of you have either seen the footage or have heard about Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking jump from over 128,000 feet high. Felix broke three records highest manned balloon flight, highest freefall, and at 833.9 mph (preliminary figures), the first man to break the sound barrier in free fall.

To record this historic jump, as known as Red Bull Stratos, Red Bull used 35 cameras from the RED 4K cameras and the Canon 5D mkII/mkIII cameras to infrared cameras and JLair’s super-telephoto cameras. There were tremendous technical obstacles that the team had to overcome, likethe extreme sun radiation in the stratosphere to engineering the system that allowed Mission Control to remotely operate the cameras.

Here is the fascinating video behind the cameras that recorded Felix Baumgartner jump with Red Bull Stratos.

And in case you missed or want to watch the jump again, here are several videos from Red Bull and Youtube:

Felix’s on-board helmet cam:

The entire jump footage:

By the way, if you thought Felix’s jump was incredible, check out the world’s shortest freefall on Conan on TBS. Hilarious!

Thanks to Imaging Resource for the Red Bull camera story!

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  1. Ed Rhodes

    actually it was a big deal. there was a lot to be learned from this. yes, red bull got a lot of free advertising, but it takes folks with guts to drive innovation

    | |
  2. Joe

    big deal, anything to sell sell sell

    | |
  3. Wilfred Lim

    Perhaps they should had looked to the “Space Camera” NASA always use? LOL

    | |