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Behind the Scenes at Canon: How They Make The $10,500 500mm F/4L

By Anthony Thurston on May 8th 2014


I am always interested in these sorts of videos where we get a glimpse at what is going on behind the scenes at these camera companies. Today, I came across this awesome video which shows how Canon makes their $10,500 500mm F/4L lens. Check it out!

The video itself is a little old, but the behind the scenes look is still quite interesting. To see a lens from its absolute beginning, clear through to the finished product really gives you an appreciation for why these things are so darn expensive.

This actually reminds me a lot of the Sigma video that I shared a while back, though the Sigma is of a much more artistic quality (and also much more recent). What are your thoughts on these sorts of videos? Do they interest you? Do they help you appreciate these lenses that we take for granted a little bit more?

[via Canon Watch]

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  1. Derek Grant

    Crazy complex and gives possibly a little insight to the jaw dropping price !

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  2. Jared Stewart

    Love these videos. The amount of research and development that must go into these lenses to maintain the quality that they do definitely help to make me understand the price tags on them!

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