One of the biggest reasons that I chose Nikon back when I was deciding what system to buy into was the fact that many of Nikons oldest lenses are still able to be used on new body’s. This meant that I could buy older glass that is still optically really good for cheap(ish). The only caveat to using these old lenses is that they require special settings on your new bodies, as well as certain body’s only work with certain lens types.

This can be really confusing for someone who is new to Nikon, or photography in general, so I wanted to share a really helpful video for you all today. Caleb from DSLR Video Shooter put together this awesome video that goes over pretty much everything you could want to know about using these old Nikkor lenses. His focus is on video mostly, but it is just as relevant to photography. You can check out the video below.

The video was a great help to me when I was trying to learn about using these old manual focus lenses, hopefully you were also able to learn something new. Now excuse me while I head over to KEH and browse for some of these old beauties. Have a good night people!