In 2008, Pop Photo rated Gene Higa as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world. It is a designation and accolade that we definitely agree with. Having followed Gene for quite a long time, his work always continues to inspire and push the boundaries of artistry in the wedding and portrait photography world.


The only thing more refreshing and inspiring than Gene’s work, is his incredibly humble personality and willingness to share his knowledge and experience with his fellow photographer peers.

In this interview, we chat through how Gene started his business and how he markets to potential clients. We chat about his favorite tools of the trade, lighting techniques, and even take several live questions from SLR Loungers!

This interview is nearly an hour in length, so we are breaking it into two parts. There are so many wonderful golden bits of information in this interview, so don’t skip! Enjoy!

Part II

The flash triggers and flash units discussed in the video are listed below:

Yong Nuo Flash Triggers
Yong Nuo Speed Light
Interfit Strobie Octobox

Check out more of Gene’s Work on his official website and portfolio.