Samyang officially announced their new 50mm F/1.4 photo and T/1.5 cinema lenses about a week ago. Today, we came across this beautiful sample footage captured when pairing the new 50mm T/1.5 cinema lens with a Canon 5D Mark III.

The footage was captured and put together by Samyang Europe, so we will have to stay tuned for videos/reviews put together by third parties before we can really say how good this lens is. But from the footage above, the look of this lens paired with a full frame sensor is bordering on magical in some of those shots.


Samyang 50mm Specs

  • Aperture Range: T1.5 – T22
  • One Aspherical, One Hybrid Asph. Element
  • Manual Focus and Aperture
  • Geared Focus and Aperture Control Rings
  • De-Clicked Aperture Control Ring
  • UMC Lens Multi-Coating
  • Minimum Focus Distance of 1.5′
  • Lateral Aperture and Distance Markin

The lens is currently available for pre-order in both the photo and cinema versions from B&H. They expect the lens to start shipping on September 5th (about 4 days from this post going up).


What are your thoughts of the footage shared above? How do you think it will pair with other cameras, like the GH4? Leave a comment below!