Recently Leah McMahan Edmondson of Gypsy Soul Photography had to work with one of the most difficult of clients ever during her wedding shoot. While in the middle of photographing a wedding, a black bear strolled right into the background of her shot and proceeded to quite literally “walk down the aisle”, making it the furriest wedding crasher ever.

Leah McMahan - Bear Wedding Crasher
Walking Down The Aisle

She immediately led the Bride & Groom away to safety but then proceeded to keep shooting the bear as it roamed around the ceremony grounds. Thankfully they were already past the point where guests would have been in the area so there was no one immediately nearby who could have gotten in harms way.

Leah McMahan - Bear Wedding Crasher
Leah McMahan – Bear Wedding Crasher

The ceremony was in Gatlinburg TN behind Calhoun’s across a cute little white bridge that led to open grass and trees. After the ceremony I did my normal ritual of family group pictures and bridal party pictures and then dismissed everyone to go on up the hill to the reception building to start eating. I had the bride and groom with me starting to shoot when we all noticed this bear. We left the grass area and went for the bridge to finish. He turned and started down the aisle . Being scared didn’t cross my mind , I just wanted “the shot”. However , when I stood up, he made a “huffing “ sound at me and started toward me. At this point, I am beyond scared lol. He jacked my heart rate up to Jesus it felt like. Anyway, it was probably the most adventurous photo session I have done, even more than the one time I shot a family and their pet opossum.

Leah McMahan - Uninvited Wedding Bear
Another shot of the bear-crasher
Leah McMahan - Bear Wedding Crasher
Leah McMahan – Bear Wedding Crasher
Leah McMahan - Bear Wedding Crasher with the Bride & Groom
This is definitely a wedding photo that won’t go forgotten!

Soon enough the bear went on its way through the woods, and again, thankfully no one was bothered or hurt in the incident, but not before making it a moment that’ll be talked about by the attendees for a long time to come!

Leah McMahan - Wedding Photographer

I’ve heard some pretty unique wedding crasher stories before, but this one is now officially at the top of that crazy list! How about you folks? Have you had any incidents like this at your weddings? Let us know in the comments below!

Leah McMahan - Gypsy Soul Photography
Leah McMahan – Gypsy Soul Photography

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*Shared with permission from Leah Owner/photographer Gypsy Soul Photography & Salon Knoxville TN