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On the ‘Beaches’ of Antarctica: A Thought Provoking Photo Series By Gray Malin

By Richard Jones on April 10th 2014

Photographer Gray Malin is best known for his beach-scapes which have been featured in magazines and exhibitions all over the world.

He created a number of series’ depicting the most luxurious beaches and pools from a bird’s eye view. Beautiful and abstract, the images blend real life with shapes and colours that are reminiscent of beautifully designed patterned fabrics made from umbrellas, towels and tiki huts.


On the back of the successes of these series’ and from humble beginnings based in a flea market in Los Angeles, Gray has built an incredibly successful fine art business under the banner of Maison Gray – Gray Malin Photography.

His latest photo series is a completely new direction for Gray. Moving away from the warmth of sun kissed beaches and abstract aerial patterns, his new project explores Antarctica and looks to present a intellectual but humorous study of the environment and the challenges we face.



Antarctica is the last true wilderness of our planet and it’s dramatically changing just as we start to recognize and understand its great significance. Journeying by boat from South America, I was drawn to the natural Landscape of the glacier covered continent as well as the formations of the freely floating icebergs. Using select items to provide contrast, this series captures two parallel worlds coming together and presents a larger message about the changing landscape of our world due to the shifting climates.

The images are striking, not only in the way the bright and garish plastic beach accessories stand out against the white backgrounds, but also in the way it startles the viewer with such small additions. The images are not dramatic or graphic like so many projects which aim to bring attention to the climate changes in the pole. It presents a light hearted image, almost iconic, which allows the viewer to enjoy the beauty of the environment it is displaying while also forcing people to think about what’s happening.


Although a life affirming experience, the challenges faced with capturing this series were a world apart from the helicopter rides in shorts and t-shirts of the previous projects.

The greatest challenge in creating this body of work was the unpredictable weather and the erratic shifting ice. I witnessed million year old glaciers the size of skyscrapers break off the glacial shelves and disintegrate into the ocean. This series changes my perspective of our world and I hope its beauty will influence others for generations to come.

graymalin-4 graymalin-3 graymalin-1

The series has been hugely successful and we are genuinely excited to see what idea Gray comes up with next.

You can find out more about Gray Malin on his website here and follow him on Twitter here.

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Richard is based near Windsor in the UK and runs his wedding photography business, ‘Richard Jones Photography’ and online Photography Magazine, ‘Photography Cool’

He enjoys the countryside, his family and, of course, Photography.

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  1. Jacob Jexmark

    Very creative! :D

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  2. Greg Faulkner

    Great idea and photo set!

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