We were all wondering how Sony would react to the Panasonic FZ1000, which is basically an RX10 with a longer lens and 4K video recording. Well, their reaction has been swift and is great news for anyone who was thinking about an RX10.


Sony has dropped the price on the RX10 by $300, to $998, which essentially puts it at the same price as the FZ1000 (~$100). This is turning out to be a nice little battle over the bridge camera market.

I loved the RX10 when I tried it out. The video was superb and the stills were great. The only real problem that I had with it was with the AF on fast moving subjects. The FZ1000 looks like a camera that does all the same things right, and maybe even a little more. It should be interesting to see how this whole battle all shakes out.

Regardless, a $300 price drop shows that Sony means business. For anyone interested you can find the new $998 pricing over on B&H here.