More and more photographers are exploring the wonders of the video world (and why not? Most cameras these days are more than capable of capturing quality video these days – with the exception of my Fuji X-T1). As a photographer, maybe you’ve been curious about using some of the video features on your DSLR or M43, but you don’t know where to start. Let Sue Bryce lead the way.


In the following video series for Animoto, Sue shares basic tips on using your camera for video. If you think or are wondering why you would even consider making a video – because you aren’t ever going to offer it to your clients or whatnot – there are still many reasons you should learn the basics of video. Statistics show that people are getting more reach on social media channels posting videos vs. posting still images. Look at Instagram and Facebook. Both social media giants focused on optimizing for video last year. People’s attention are drawn to the moving picture and therefore, they will linger on your site longer. For your photography business, you may want to consider creating a marketing video or a series of short clips for Instagram so that potential clients can get to know you. These are some of the thoughts behind this video series as stated in the Animoto blog post here.

The first video begins with setting up your camera for video. The info is a great place to start if you really have no clue what to do. You can watch that video here. The next video goes into your camera settings. The second video specifically talks about frame rate. Watch that video below:

In the third video, Sue talks about Shutter Speed and the differences between video and stills photography when it comes to shutter speed. Sue tells us that if you want your video to look more filmic, stay at a shutter speed of 50 and explains what that means for our other settings. You can see that video here.

The most recent video focuses on focusing techniques. Watch that below:

It’s not clear how many more videos will be in this series, so keep your eye out on the Animoto YouTube for more and check out their blog post which gives lots of tips on Video Marketing for Photographers.

If you love Sue as much as I do, be sure to check out Pye’s 3-part interview with Sue when she came into our studio a few months ago.

[Via ISO1200]