When I began my photography business, I didn’t really think about anything but how cool it would be to quit my day job and take pictures all day. I didn’t want to mar my daydreaming with pesky things like the ins and outs of actually running a business – like taxes or contracts or laws. That was the boring side of photography and I wanted nothing to do with that.

Now, years into being a business owner, looking back at my own naiveté and now knowing that running a photography business is about 90% business and 10% actually taking photos, I see the importance of educating yourself on “boring” stuff like contracts and copyright law – things that will help protect you and your business.

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The following webinar, hosted by SnapKnot and presented by Rachel Brenke, otherwise known as The Law Tog, is chock-full of great basic information for photographers about the legalities of running a business. Rachel is a photographer as well as a lawyer, so she knows firsthand the issues that photography business owners face.


The one hour webinar, which you can listen to below, is well worth your time as Rachel covers issues such as copyright, copyright vs. print release, how to protect yourself and what happens if someone infringes on your copyright, as well as contract issues and business protection issues. It may not be the most “fun” part of being a photography business owner, but you’d be wise to study up on the subject for the best interest of you and your business.

You can get more information on Rachel’s website, The Law Tog.

[Via SnapKnot on Vimeo]