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Terrifying (& Illegal) BASE Jump Off One World Trade Center [Video]

By Hanssie on March 25th 2014

It’s been a busy week for arrests at One World Trade Center . Less than a week after a 16 year old broke into the famed landmark by crawling through a hole and slipping past a security guard to take photos, 4 men were arrested last night after they turned themselves in for BASE jumping off the Freedom Tower. Not before they uploaded the GoPro video footage of their shenanigans to YouTube first though.




Back in September, while the One World Trade was still under construction, James Brady, Kyle Hartwell, Marko Markovich, and Andrew Rossig, also snuck in a hole in the fence and climbed the nation’s tallest building. Three of the men, one was a lookout, BASE jumped off the 1,300ft precipice and landed in a nearby field.



On September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks brought down the twin towers and The Freedom Tower was built in its place. The mayor has called it, “the No 1. terrorist target in the world.” Clearly, questions have arisen about the safety and security of the structure with the news of the break-ins.

Watch the Terrifying Jump in the GoPro Video Below


The extreme sport of BASE jumping is an acronym for the fixed objects one can jump from: building, antenna, span, earth. Using a parachute to break their fall, BASE jumping has recorded over 200 deaths since it began in 1981.

via  Gizmodo

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  1. Clay

    Even though it was illegal…..God Bless the Adrenaline Junkies for a safe landing….Shame on the NYPD and Port Authority Police for having thousands of check points at tunnels, bridges, streets, establishments to protect us from terrorists and the unknown. But you can’t even properly protect us from “innocent adrenaline junkies”. I’m happy they were able to get to the top…..So we are able to see how not so hard it is to get to the top of buildings and how possible it is to plan unconscionable acts of terrorism. What’s terrifying is not the jump….What’s terrifying is the fact that it could have been terrorists up their instead of Adrenaline Junkies…Remember terrorists never sleep……GO GOPRO!

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  2. Bill

    On September 11, 2011, terrorist attacks brought down the twin towers and The Freedom Tower was built in it’s place.


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