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Bare Bones Humor | Friday Foto Funnies

By Jules Ebe on October 11th 2013


For New Hampshire author J.W. Ocker, everyday is Halloween.


Because he shares his home with a full-size plastic skeleton he has named “T”. Recently, Ocker and his wife, who happens to be a wedding and portrait photographer, added a new adddition to their quirky little family with the arrival of “C”.

Ocker explains how the skeletons in his family came to live amongst them (instead of the closet).

“Last Halloween, I bought my first full-sized plastic skeleton. I found him at Target and had no real plans for him other than filling that full-sized plastic skeleton-shaped void I’ve always had in my life.

I know I was supposed to use him as a decoration, but he ended up kind of just hanging out with me all the time.

We watched movies together, pranked my wife together, and generally just had a blast together. I didn’t even put him away after the season ended. Just sat him in the easy chair in my study, and made anybody that visited me sit on the floor.”







See more of their adventures on Ocker’s blog, Odd Things I’ve Seen (OTIS).

So what odd decoration has become almost like a member of your family?

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Stay Inspired ~ Jules

[via Laughing Squid]

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  1. Ipek Amdahl

    Gave me a good chuckle! Maybe I’ll pick a skeleton up this year ;)

    | |