At SLR Lounge, we’re advocates of a proper understanding of lighting, and creating images with a well-balanced blend available and added artificial lights is something we’ve touched on frequently as it has a broad appeal and usage for various genres of photography – weddings, lifestyle, family portraits, etc. It can produce that kind of ‘glossy’ magazine-type image that publications love.

This balancing act is one that requires a meticulous and nuanced approach, and as such, can be tricky. However, once you have the mechanics and theory down the troubles generally fade away; it’s just getting those things squared away which can require testing. Fortunately, Clinton Lubbe of DPhog has created a lovely short video that addresses some of this, and if you pay attention you’ll garner a ton.

DPhog is one of our favorite YouTube channels because there’s just no fuss, no nonsense, just hard hitting and revelatory information. Lubbe has a brilliant way of brining a viewer into the thought process of a shoot and this is no different. In this scenario, Lubbe shoots a lifestyle editorial indoors and addresses some of the challenges whilst providing interesting solutions.

As with all of his work, what really stands out is the focus he has on the mentality behind the shoot, and it’s certainly more cerebral than most you’ll find out there. While he provides some mechanics, what he’s actually arming you with is information that’ll stick with you forever. Aa lot of this comes down to thinking about what you’re trying to achieve before you go into it (which should be common practice for photographers, though actually atypical).

Furthermore, one way this video is great is that you see the video BTS of the shoot itself as well as the finished product, and that allows you to see what can be pulled out of a given scenario with what gear, and you see it all. A very good watch, and we definitely recommend subscribing to DPhog and showing them some love.

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