This new device called the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner allows users to “scan” old 35mm film negatives into their iOS or Android smartphone. It’s a really neat idea for a way to one up your instagram friends, post lomo shots of actual film negatives.

The device is available on PhotoJojo for $59, and comes with a iOS/Android app that allows you to edit your negatives once you have them on your phone. Obviously the editing is nothing special, hence the lomo name, but you can stitch photos together to create panoramas and also create little 35mm movies. Checkout this video below that highlights the many uses and features of this devices and its associated app.

I think this devices has its place with people who still shoot with film. Much like how people with DSLRs sometimes share shots via their smartphone this device could be a way for people who still shoot with film to digitally share some of their film work – both older and newer.

What are your thoughts on this device? Is it just a big gimmick or does it have a legitimate place in a film photographers arsenal? Let us know in a comment below. 

[via DP Review Connect]