“It’ll be different when you have your own.” That’s what ‘Lilly’ told me after hearing my feeling towards babies. Now ‘Lilly’ was one of the more annoying sorts of persons I’ve met, simply because there wasn’t a single moment that she had said or done anything at all surprising. From the first second, I had an idea of what her friends looked like, where she lived, that she got her pants from Lululemon, her diet from Atkins, her coffee from Nordstrom, and that she had no carpets. Lilly also likes to share all photos of her baby, much to my chagrin.

So, when I came across the new app that entertains babies with animals and sounds, to get them to take selfies, my first thought was, “Well, if there is one thing the world is missing is a way for parents to share even more pictures of their newborns. What fresh hell is this?”


I should interject here, that I don’t much care for babies. I don’t gush over them, I panic when they cry because I generally think they are sick even when they just want food, and I find for the first few months most have looks only a mother could love . I very much like children, though. I enjoy being the subversive element in their lives; the Uncle who takes them to the zoo and on a plane, buys them all the candy their chubby cheeks can handle, and teaches them a bit of grown-up humor.

I also like to take portraits of young children (No, not at playgrounds from a distance), and people generally like me to take the photos of their little runts, because the photos are generally good photos, and they often are framed. So,  why would anyone want this app? The photos from Baby Selfie are certainly not of the quality to be printed and framed, and like most mobile photos, they’ll end up archived in some soon forgotten about hard drive the second they’re transferred. So really, it’s not a compelling offer.


A compelling offer is a massage at the end of a workout, or perhaps, in this context, an app that will remove the look of translucency from a newborn’s skin. Babies, aside from their blotchiness, can be great subjects, and of course, you’ll want nice candid and posed photos for your memory bank. There’s a sense of tranquility, innocence, and all those other things babies represent that can make for great memories you’ll actually keep. Our resident authority on baby photography has great advice should you want to create such photos (see link below). But Baby Selfie’ isn’t going to achieve keepers, and I can almost guarantee that crashing your Facebook feed with baby selfies says the same thing as doing so with your own.

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You may think people are used to it, and sure we can get used to it, like we get used to a headache. But why not abstain from the annoying predictability of it all, and actually share fewer, but better photos? People are drawn to missing information and scarcity, as we all know, drives demand. So, in fact, a few great photos of your baby will have much more effect than a lot of bad ones you won’t remember after a while.

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Currently the app is only available for Android, and if you like the idea of it and want to learn about it, you can find the website here.

Via: The Phoblographer