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Awesome ‘Run Like Hell’ Short Film Shot Entirely With GoPro Camera

By Anthony Thurston on October 25th 2013


GoPro cameras are not usually a tool that hollywood veteran Stu Maschwitz would take advantage of; but in his latest short film ‘Run Like Hell’, produced by Red Giant Films, Mashwitz used a GoPro almost exclusively. The film is based on the cult classic video game that shares the name, and it is a great watch.

Running at just over three minutes in length the film takes us into the life of a young man on a mission to reconnect with an old high school crush. The unique perspective that the GoPro provides give the film a distinctly familiar view, similar to one that you would experience in a video game, that really takes the film to another level. Throw in some high quality visual effects and you have yourself one of the best 3 minute shorts that I have ever seen.

Pretty neat huh? It just goes to show that just because you only shoot your films with small cameras like a GoPro Hero 3+ or even a DSLR it doesn’t mean that you can’t get fantastic results. This should be pretty inspiring to many of you aspiring filmmakers out there as this proves that concept and story take a much larger role than the equipment you shoot it with. Obviously this concept is helped by the fact that it is supposed to be throwing back to the classic fps video game look, for which the GoPro is perfect.

[rewind: GoPro Hero3 vs Hero 3+ Comparison]

Behind The Scenes

The other really cool thing about this short is the behind the scenes video that they also released with it. It takes you literally from concept to completion and talks about a lot of the though processes that Stu had while developing the project. Take a look below.

So what do you think? That is about as in-depth of a behind the scenes look at the overall project that I could have asked for. I found it particularly interesting to see how many people were involved in the making of such a short film. I also thought it was pretty neat that they showed and shared what VFX elements they purchased to make the film. All easily accessible things that you or I could go purchase and download from the internet for relatively cheap.

Does this inspire you to work on your own creative short? What did you think of the quality of the film given that it was shot on a GoPro? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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