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Award Winning TimeLapse Artists Look To Save The Environment 1 Frame At A Time

By Kishore Sawh on October 23rd 2014


The value of a picture can be a rather obvious one, as it’s a snapshot of a piece of time that can represent that period in whatever way the photographer chooses to set up the frame. That ability is powerful, and can even be political. It can be used to tell the truth, skew it, or reveal something that’s not strictly obvious. Timelapses have a special ability to show something that’s not necessarily obvious to the eye in a very visual way. One such example is the change in the natural environment.

Environmental change, even some of the speediest, occurs over a span of time that makes it difficult to recognize, or at all be seen by the naked eye. Even when the rate of change is alarming, it’s not easy to see, but a time-lapse condenses time and brings environmental and geological change into a human time-scale making it clear to see what changes are taking place. This is the goal of CodeX.

CodeX — the largest collaboration of award-winning, world-renowned timelapse artists whose work has over 30-million views on vimeo and Youtube combined.



CodeX aims to bring attention to some of the planet’s most at-risk environments through the highest caliber timelapses. Through the lenses of 15 renowned time-lapse artists and growing, CodeX is putting together a 90 minute timelapse feature film, promising to be nothing like what anyone has seen before, called X-Plore. It will focus on the time-lapse locations, and the artists bringing them to you.

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With the sad notion that the numbers are teeming when it comes to ‘critically endangered’ environments and locations, the CodeX team is trying to use their photography to bring awareness to the fact by photographing these gorgeous, surprising, and seemingly fleeting parts of our planet. The belief is that their particular skill set is perfectly poised to show large environmental shifts we need be aware of, that aren’t necessarily visible in real time.



Where will the group be going? Apparently, everywhere, but you won’t know where until the film is finished. Except that’s not entirely true. Sure, the locations are being kept secret for the time being so there is surprise during the film, and also to avoid disruption by followers, but if you’re willing to contribute to the funding of the project, you may be able to find your way into the shoots with them, on location.

The project is currently being crowdfunded on IndieGoGo and are accepting pledges now. The pledge range is from a dollar north, and the rewards all the way up to $5000 donations. But really, there seems to be an inherently good reason to fund a project like this – not only does it give us something wonderful to look at and show the world how useful photography still is, but people still react to timelapses, and when it comes to environmental changes, a strong reaction seems to be just the ticket to incite change.

Find out more about the project here.

Source: PetaPixel

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    Great video.

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    I will definitely be backing this project. With as much talent that is queued up for the project the output would be phenomenal. Something like this would shine in 4k.

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