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Finally, a Camera Jib Crane that won’t Break Your Back or Your Wallet!

By Pye Jirsa on June 13th 2012


I love the effect and production value that a camera jib crane adds to any film project. However, there has always been a major “trade-off” decision in each film project where you need to decide if it is feasible to bring out, setup and actually use the jib during the shoot.

Most jibs are large, heavy, time consuming to setup and of course, expensive! Finally, we have a camera jib that is designed to be the exact opposite.

The Aviator Travel Jib is designed to be light weight weighing an incredible 3.75 pounds! It can be setup in under a minute, and it breaks down to be only 24″ in length! This is a must have product for any pro and amateur cinematographers, so be sure to take advantage of the Kickstarter pricing while it lasts!


Watch the Kickstarter Video:

Check out more on the official Kickstarter Page.

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    wow, looks really innovative

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