Once You Know, You Newegg

In case you missed our review of the Asus G75 series “Republic of Gamers” laptop, check it out by clicking HERE.

This is one badass machine, as our review outlines.  In fact for video editing in Adobe Premier, it destroys even a ~$4,000 Macbook Pro in this benchmark test HERE!

asus g75 sale

For the next 7 days, Newegg is putting one of their baseline G75 models on sale for just $909, compared to the usual price of $999.  (Just a while ago I paid about $600 more than this for a G73 with lesser specs!)

If you do lots of heavy-duty editing, and maybe you’re a gamer on the side, then there is no PC we recommend more than the Asus G75.  Yes, it’s a beast, and is not exactly meant for editing on an airline tray table.  But then again, it’s so powerful that for us it actually eliminates the need for a desktop computer!  So we don’t really think of these RoG (Republic of Gamers) laptops as notebook computers, but as a mobile desktop solution.  This is especially useful in the video industry where on-location editing is very common, but high-end / commercial photographers will appreciate it as well.

To be clear, the G75 model that is on sale for just $909 is the G75VX-BHI7N11, and the one we reviewed was the G75VW-DS73.  Huh??  This means they’re slightly different models, duh!  Okay, okay, here’s the complete specs on the G75VX-BHI7N11:

  • i7 2.4 GHZ quad-core (8 w/ hyperthreading)
  • 8GB RAM
  • 3GB Graphics (NVIDIA Geforce GTX 670MX)
  • 1TB HD
  • Bonus:  A Thunderbolt Port!  Take that, Apple!

So basically, this G75 has got the goods despite costing almost $1,000 less than the top-end G75 at $1899! The specs that are difficult / impossible to upgrade are the same as top-end model: the CPU and the graphics.  You can upgrade the RAM if you want, but we’ve found that for most photographic workflows 8 GB is more than enough unless you just love doing 100-layer PSDs.  Of course we always recommend upgrading ANY laptop hard drive to an SSD, but the beauty of the Asus RoG series is that you get two HD bays so you can keep the included 1TB for storage, even after you add a 256GB SSD!  (Our favorite is the Crucial M4 series; one of the most tried-and-true high-performance SSDs on the market)

Crucial M4 CT256M4SSD1 2.5

Take care, and happy clicking!
=Matthew Saville=