For photographers who shoots models and on location, a model release and a property release are essential to have, especially if you are looking to get your work sold or published. Even if you are working with non-models, it can be helpful to have releases on hand just to cover yourself. Luckily, nowadays you won’t have to worry about forgetting your releases at home because there are apps for smartphones in which you can get the talent/property owner to digitally sign a release, convert the release into a PDF file, and email it to you and your talents/property owners.

Of the release apps out on the iPhone, iPad, and Android, the majority of them are paid apps. Now, American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) has just released their Model & Property Release app for the iPhone and iPad. Android version is expected to be released soon.
The app has the standard release language for still and motion projects, and can be used for self-promotion, editorials, stock photography, etc.

To download, go to Apple iTunes