Hello Everyone!  We’re starting a new format for our “Ask SLR Lounge” series.  This is an open forum for our community to ask questions.  You can literally ask anything you want! Maybe you’re a new photographer in need of some advice handling a specific client issue. Maybe you’re not sure whether to buy a 50mm f/1.4 lens or the much more expensive f/1.2L. Whatever it is, our writers are here to help!

Suggested Questions

Common questions might include:

  • Business Advice
  • Gear Buying Advice
  • Shooting Technique Questions
  • Post Production Questions
  • Lighting Questions

Our writers will sort through the questions and write articles around these questions on a weekly basis.  Post Production Pye and Michelle Ford will even answer some of these question in their videos. In fact, we’ve already answered a lot of user questions on our Youtube Channel. Be sure to subscribe for updates.

So ask away!  What do you want to know?

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