Artlist has announced its acquisition of Motion Array, a digital assets marketplace platform, for $65 million. Motion Array’s video capabilities and technology tools, along with its versatile video template options, will allow Artlist to expand its digital stock media portfolio for video creators and filmmakers.

Artlist’s acquisition of Motion Array marks a significant step towards the company becoming a comprehensive creative stock solution for video creators. Founded in 2013, Motion Array has over 40 employees and has developed an all-in-one subscription-based creative marketplace and technology solution for video creators, focused on delivering a variety of high-quality digital media at an affordable price.

Through this purchase, Artlist will reach more than six million users worldwide and grow its catalog by more than half a million stock assets. Motion Array’s multimedia catalog includes video templates, presets, plugins, transitions, motion graphics, and photos, as well as efficient filmmaking tools such as editing software integrations, video collaboration, and portfolio builder.

Artlist expands its service with the acquisition of Digital Assets Marketplace Platform

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“We believe that Motion Array’s rich collection presents the perfect opportunity for Artlist to move towards becoming a one-stop-shop of creative stock assets,” said Ira Belsky, co-founder and co-CEO of Artlist. “The addition of Motion Array’s flexible tools and vast catalog, including the world’s largest Premiere Pro template catalog, will secure Artlist’s position as the leading company in the video creation industry.”

From its 2016 foundation as a bootstrapped music licensing company, Artlist has continuously worked to expand its services, launching the stock footage site Artgrid in spring 2019, and releasing a vast catalog of high-quality sound effects at the beginning of 2020. The latest acquisition is designed to strengthen Artlist’s existing catalog and continue providing video creators with a comprehensive solution for every video need. The purchase of Motion Array will also present a lucrative revenue source to more types of content contributors.

“This move is invaluable to Artlist as it helps us maintain our position as the go-to solution for creators in the constantly expanding world of video content,” said Itzik Elbaz, co-founder and co-CEO of Artlist. “We are excited to bring our high-quality curation capabilities to additional creative assets. Motion Array’s offerings will streamline our continued efforts to provide our subscribers with creative freedom and increase their video production value.”

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“We feel that this merger is just the boost needed to turn Motion Array and Artlist into a true powerhouse marketplace that caters to all creators’ needs,” said Motion Array co-founder, Tyler Williams. “This move is a fulfillment of the vision we had when we created our company 7 years ago and we are truly excited.”

“In Artlist we found kinship in the aim of making the lives of creators and editors easier through quality and affordable solutions,” said Motion Array co-founder, Eri Levin. “We are very proud of Motion Array’s achievements in the industry and its impact on creators’ works as well as on the field of digital asset creation.”

It seems that Artlist is making leaps and bounds in its niche to make itself the one-stop-shop for all your creative needs for stock footage, images, SFX, and more. Are you an Artlist user already? Would you consider signing up for their service after this announcement and addition? Let us know in the comments below.