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Art Streiber Shoots Star Wars Feature for WIRED Magazine

By fotosiamo on March 8th 2013

If you are a fan of photography and Star Wars, then you are going to enjoy the new Star Wars feature in the upcoming March 2013 issue of WIRED magazine as shot by the highly-acclaimed photographer Art Streiber.

The New York City-based agency Stockland Martel that represents Streiber went behind-the-scenes to talk to the photographer in regards to his experience in shooting such an iconic movie. Streiber is well-known in the industry for his uncanny ability to successfully pull off large, complicated photoshoots in relatively short period of time. The Star Wars shoot is no different, with six fully-formed concepts and 10 individual character portraits that needed to be shoot in one day (13 hours to be exact).

Art Streiber WIRED Star Wars

WIRED’s new editor in chief Scott Dadich’s concept for the WIRED article, 74 Things Every Great Sat Wars Movie Needs, is to ask Star Wars aficionados on what’s been great and not so great about the entire Star Wars franchise. The article, as introduced by comedian Chris Hardwick, will cover essentially what Disney needs to do to NOT screw up the upcoming Episode 7.

Art Streiber’s job was to bring the words of these Star Wars experts to life. Casting and costuming proved to be challenging, but Streiber, his producer Emily Roth, WIRED senior photo editor Carrie Levy, director of digital design Tim Leong, and set designer Andrew Trosmans enlisted hard-core fans who owned their own costumes and the 501st Legion, the “World’s Definitive Imperial Costuming Organization.”

The members of the 501st legion became the Stormtroopers surrounding Chris Hardwick in this image that pays homage to the famous LIFE magazine photo of moviegoers experiencing 3D movies in the 50’s.

Art Streiber WIRED Star Wars 01

Original 3D LIFE Theater

Behind-the-Scenes Video on Art Streiber’s Star Wars Photoshoot for WIRED Magazine

WIRED article with Images by Art Streiber courtesy of Stockland Martel Agency

Be sure to read the rest of the behind-the-scenes article and see the higher-resolution images on the Stockland Martel Blog.

Art Streiber WIRED Star Wars 02

Art Streiber WIRED Star Wars 03

Art Streiber WIRED Star Wars 04

Art Streiber WIRED Star Wars 05

Art Streiber WIRED Star Wars 06

Art Streiber WIRED Star Wars 07

Click here to read the WIRED Article on Star Wars as told by Comedian Chris Hardwick.

To see more of Art Streiber’s extraordinary work, you can visit his website,


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