It’s no secret that the barrier for entry into professional photography is low. A Canon Rebel and a kit lens bought at Costco, some business cards and you’re ready to go. I know some photographers that will roll their eyes, go off on some rant about how the world as we know it is ending with all these “mommy togs” coming in to steal their business, then go vent their frustrations and spread their negativity all over social media and public forums.

Well, that’s how I started 6 years ago – a mom with a Rebel purchased with the bonus from my day job. And there’s nothing wrong with that, everyone has to start somewhere. Whether you studied under the most prestigious photography professor or stumbled into the professional photography world photographing your kids, there is one thing you really need to start charging money for your photography work, according to Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens. And that is CONFIDENCE.

In the 9 minute video below, he lists 8 tips to know when you’re ready to make money in photography by sharing with you how to gain that confidence and get started in the business. He gives some great general tips for newcomers who are perhaps dreaming about turning their love of photography into a business.

If you’re thinking about jumping into the photography business and start charging for your work, the time is now! Go out and go for it! And check out Chris Nachtwey’s Quitting Your Day Job series as well as Michelle Ford’s Pricing Strategies That Sell which also offers some great insight for those that are ready to turn that hobby to a way to earn a living.

For those professional photographers, what additional tips/advice would you give to a person who is looking to start in this photography business journey?

[Via The Slanted Lens]