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Apple Celebrates Mac’s 30th Birthday with Video Shot Using Only iPhones

By Hanssie on February 3rd 2014

To celebrate 30 years of Macintosh, Apple released a tribute video today. Over a course of 24 hours, 15 camera crews were sent all over the world to document “people doing amazing things with Apple products.” With over 70 hours of footage, Apple released brief video, a little over a minute long, shot entirely using iPhones (and admittedly some additional expensive looking rigs – as seen in the behind the scenes shots).

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Apple chose not to air a Super Bowl ad (and with the lackluster reviews of both the ads and the actual game itself, I think that was a wise idea), instead releasing the video below on their website, saving millions of advertising dollars in the process. The point of the video? To show that iPhones can do in one day what some take months and millions of dollars’ worth of equipment to create. Easy enough to do with an iPhone…and 15 camera crews, some additional equipment, some flights around the world, 21 Hollywood editors, and Jake Scott, the son of famed director, Ridley Scott, overseeing your project.

To read more about the project, head over to Apple’s website.

[via @the Verge]


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  1. Gjergji

    I wonder why does it say shot in one day there at the end.??????

    | |
    • Sheepdog707

      The commercial was shot within 24hrs. 70 hours of video was captured in 24hrs by shooting with multiple phones.

      On a side note:

      Pretty cool to see that creativity trumps having the latest and greatest… Forget that you saw the photo of the person shooting video atop of a video boom… -__-

      | |