It feels like only yesterday I was updating Photoshop Creative Cloud, but then, of course, it would, wouldn’t it, because I was. But the sense of familiarity I was feeling wasn’t because of that, but because it seems like that little notification to update in CC is there every fortnight. It’s like a constant feeling of deja vu.

In theory, and I guess fair to say mostly in practice, these updates are welcomed and bring good news, but recently accompanied by some troubles. There was the Lightroom import dialogue change and then that was reversed in another update, and then recently the Liquify problem in Photoshop, which was very much a surprise because it seemed like such a major issue with such an iconic and oft-used tool – how did they miss it?


Sure, there were/are workarounds for it, but that required either switching off the GPU during the Liquify process, or converting 16-bit files to 8-bit, and asking a retoucher to do that is like asking them to switch religions. The good news is, Adobe has released yet another update and the Liquify problem has been rectified. In addition, there were a number of other fixes too, many of which it’s more understandable they weren’t caught as they deal with more obscure elements of the program.

Updates & Fixes

  • Liquify lightens result on 16 bit/channel images
  • Freeze/crash using Liquify in CPU mode
  • Drag and drop from AI to PS no longer create Smart Object (Mac only)
  • Using control/command to switch to Move tool invokes auto-select
  • Align to selection doesn’t work with Artboards
  • Running Photoshop on 5K monitor at 200% results in black bar across the top of the app
  • Double clicking to open a document results in workspace set to Start instead of Essentials
  • Fixed top crashing issues submitted via crash reporter


So there you have it. I really welcomed this with open arms, and again kudos to Adobe for ushering a fix so soon. Asking for forgiveness really is easier than asking for permission, it would appear. See the full Adobe blog post here.