We are always looking for fun and interesting ways to engage our readers, improve our community, and help promote your work. So today we are happy to announce our new Saturday Flickr Showcase!

Urban Indian

What is the Saturday Flickr Showcase?

Great question! The Saturday Flickr Showcase is a new way that we are expanding our community. The SLR Lounge forums are a great place to go for critiques, but we wanted to do something different. We wanted to help you guys get some recognition for your hard work.

The Saturday Flickr Showcase is a  new weekly post in which we will feature 3-5 images posted to our newly formed SLR Lounge Saturday Showcase group on Flickr. All you have to do is join the group, and add your images to the group pool. We will be going through the pool throughout the week and selecting our favorites. If your image(s) make the cut they will be featured (with a link to your Flickr page, & if you have a website mentioned in the description or on your user profile we will link to that as well.) on our Saturday Flickr Showcase post.

Any kinds of images will be accepted Landscapes, Wildlife, Portraits, Fashion, Glamour, etc!

HDR Photography

What are the rules?

In order to keep things organized and running smoothly we do have a few rules that are to be followed.

  1. You may only post Three (3) images to the group on a weekly basis. This is to keep the group from being flooded by people submitting tons of images. The idea is that if you have to think about what you submit the quality of work submitted will be higher.
  2. In order to promote a positive community, users will be banned for negative comments that lack constructive critique.
  3. This is a Family Friendly and Safe for Work Showcase, so please keep your submissions PG-13. We reserve the right to remove images from the pool that we deem to be inappropriate. If you resubmit an image after it is removed you may be banned.
  4. Write a brief description about the image (Where was it taken, what time of day, what were you trying to do with it, did you use the SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets to process your image, etc) in the description box, and include the EXIF information on your Flickr uploads. This is to help us talk a little about the images when we showcase them. (this rule is optional, but  it is highly recommended that you follow it.)
  5. Keep the Watermarks to a small location that does not distract from the image. We are going for quality submissions here and a huge watermark smack dab in the middle of the image will not look great.

Roosevelt Elk

What are you waiting for?

No, seriously… what are you waiting for. Head on over to Flickr, join the group and start submitting images. Who knows, you could be featured on next week’s Saturday Flickr Showcase!