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Annie Leibovitz Photographs Kate Upton as Marilyn Monroe

By Ruth Dunn on September 5th 2013

This week Vanity Fair has spoiled us with a behind the scenes look at award winning photographer Annie Leibovitz photographing Kate Upton as Marilyn Munroe. In the video Leibovitz photographs the strikingly gorgeous Upton in an bid to recreate an early Vanity Fair cover for the magazine’s 100th anniversary.

Amongst other things, Leibovitz’s amazing career has included working for Rolling Stone magazine, photographing The Rolling Stones on a number of occasions, did a photo shoot with John Lennon as well as a plethora of other celebrities.

After watching the video I bet you are just dying to know which photograph they chose for the cover. Well, I am kind enough to not leave you hanging: check out the final cover here. Other images from the shoot are also included inside the issue, as well as the editors’ collection of the most iconic images from the magazine.


Ruth is a Brisbane based journalist specialising in articles about visual art, photography, design and fashion. Co-founder of Raw Ink magazine, she enjoys uncovering interesting and unique events, issues and people to write about.

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  1. Jacob delaRosa

    Did anyone else get a nosebleed from watching the recycle rate on those strobes?

    | |
    • chris

      yeah man . stuffing tissues in my nose as i type. :O

      | |