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Anna Di Prospero’s Family Self Portraits Gush Intimacy

By Anthony Thurston on May 31st 2013

Twenty Six Year Old Italian Photographer Anna Di Prospero’s series titled “Self-Portrait with my Family, 2011” are full of emotion and intimate connection. I find it is very rare to find portraits so full of emotion and connection to what is going on.

I love this series. Not only are these shots very intimate, but due to the “window reflections” you also get a very distinctive voyeuristic feel. It really helps to sell the idea behind the images and I find it incredibly inspiring.

Anna describes the series on her website as:
“This series of self-portraits with my family comes from the desire to create a research based on my intimate bonds. In every picture I let the family relationship turns into a source of inspiration. For me, the most important part of this work was obtained the involvement of my family during the shooting and thanks to this experience I discovered unknown aspects of my loved ones.”








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