Today I wanted to highlight an App that I have used personally over the last few weeks, Port4Droid. Port4Droid is a photography portfolio and image management app for Android, and I use it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi) to show off my Portfolio.


What I really like about this app is the simplicity, while at the same time being full of great features. In Port4Droid you can setup albums or portfolios separately  and then use the albums as subsets of the portfolio(s) that you setup. There are many ways you can organize your photos doing this, but what I do is setup my Albums as very specific things (for example: Womens Headshots or Baseball) and then in the Portfolio is more broad topic (for example: Portraits or Sports). This makes it nice because its really quick to find and show the specific kind of images you are trying to show off.

For Example, If I was at a meeting with a coach or athletic director who was interested in hiring me to do some work for them I could easily select my Sports Portfolio – thus making all of the sports albums and images that I have added to that available for that person to see.  Another way you could use this is to show clients their images. If you are one of those photographers that goes to the clients home to meet with clients then this could be a good backup option for you if your primary method does not work. I wouldn’t use it as a primary method, TVs or even Laptops are better due to their size.


Another great feature of this app is how you get the photos into your portfolio. The app can pull images from your Flickr account or even your website (via the image URL), and don’t worry no internet connection is required to display those images. When you add an image to an Album or Portfolio you can choose to have Port4Droid make a local copy on your device, which is a great feature for those of us using wifi only devices (since an actual internet connection may not always be available).

If you are in the market for a full featured photography Portfolio app for your android tablet or phone then I highly recommend that you check out Port4Droid. You can find it on Google Play or the apps website, oh and its Free so you have no excuse. Check it out this demo video.